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Welcome to the web site that gives you free access to this data base.  It contains listings of 17,276 titles of ragtime compositions, their composers (and lyricists if pertinent), their publishers and the year of publication.  For 7,001 (40.5%) of these titles it also provides details of MIDI renditions or youtube renditions (for one source) you can access or ask for.  (Of course there are also mp3 renditions but there is a limit to what one can handle).


Whilst in May 2015 I said that additions to this compendium would cease, I was spurred by the efforts of young Parisian enthusiast Dorian Benard who made many visits to the British Library in London to seek out scores. This led to an updating of my personal record, and with other material sent to me I present now Version 15 with around 532 new titles and 903 new MIDIs (or, in the case of rdh, youtube clips). But this I expect will be the last update unless some enthusiast comes forward and offers to be the co-ordinator.


The spreads sheet has been split into pre 1971 and post 1970 tunes. We cannot claim that we are near finding all the pre 1971 titles as the sheet music scanning has unearthed so many of which we were not aware. And post 1970 is equally deficient as printed and published sheets have become far less prevalent.

There are four attachments.  They are .docx or .xlsx files, but other formats might be arranged if desired.  Please note they are in A4 page format (210 x 297 mm) and you may wish to repaginate before printing.


  • First there is a sample of what the data spread sheet looks like.  It is an xlsx file of  47  KB size.  Right Click here and save this. .


  • Second there is the full data spread sheet (xlsx file of 20.44 MB, but zipped to 11.49 MB).   Right Click here and save this. .


  • Third there is a set of notes that detail what the columns in the data spread sheet mean, the sources of the data and the sources for the MIDIs.  This a docx file of 77 KB.  Right Click here and save this. .


  • Finally there is a list of music folios provided to us by Sakae Watanabe.  These are noted against each relevant title in the data Spread sheet.  This is a zip (63 KB) of an xlsx file.  Right Click here and save this. .


We hope this site helps you in some way – by broadening your knowledge, by letting you “chase” a particular composer, by looking for title options that don’t clash with existing ones, etc.


If the MIDIs you seek can no longer be downloaded, contact me at bandmmathew at hotmail dot com and I will help you out from my collection.



Michael Mathew

As at 31 May, 2018


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